New Zealand Pole Sports Federation

Athlete Members 


Daniela Perello

Took her first pole class in 2013, it was not until she signed up for her first pole competition that she started training on a regular basis at swing360. She found a passion for pole because of its combination of strength, flexibility and grace.


 Ryoko Ibaraki


Ryoko's first comp was in 2013 and then the world championships 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.



Gemma Kerr

Brittney Young

I have been poling for over 4 years. I currently teach at altitude pole Christchurch central. My accolades include, 2016 NZAPP intermediate finalist, 2016 doubles finalist at pole legends, 2016 1st runner up in artistry at pole stars and 2nd runner up 2019 at pole sport championship Australia in amateur division. 2019 NZAPP Open finalist.

Caitlin Westgate

Have been doing pole fitness for 4.5 years. Have competed in 3 amateur competitions but as yet have not placed.

Holly Petersen

Discovered pole sport just over a year ago and have been captivated by it. Have been to a few pole camps already in Australia. Just want to keep learning more.

Jenny Ling

I have been doing pole for approximately a little more than 2 years. I have now become a pole sport instructor at Onyx Fitness studio for 5 months.