New Zealand Pole Sports Federation

Committee Members



Hollie Mallaburn is the federations Treasurer.

Hollie has a rich knowledge in health and life coaching, just recently mother to a third baby boy, Hollie has reduced her accountant employment to part time.

Hollie had been poling some years ago which took her interest further into health and fitness, no longer a student  since branching out into her own health inspired business she is still a large fundamental part of her local pole studio, a long time supporter of pole sports and looks forward to the day we see pole in the olympics.

Jordyn Wright is the federations Secretary.

Jordyn is trained in massage with a long  history of contemporary dance, Jordyn works two jobs at the local chiropractor as well as instructing pole fitness and art in Auckland.

In Jordyn's 3 years of poling she has been teaching for 1 year in total, she is particularly interested in seeing New Zealand's pole community reach the world stages and is looking forward to having national standards and regulations here in New Zealand.

Loren Scott is the federations Vice President.

Loren has been teaching pole fitness and choreography now for the best part of the last 10 years. Recently returning back here to her homeland from Australia, Loren is straight into full time employment in social work and teaching at her local pole studio.

Loren so excited about being a part of the NZPSF because this means NZ will have safe practice standards and guidelines, she is also incredibly passionate about the movement towards pole as a sport considered for Olympic events.

Sarah Dodds is the federations President.

Sarah has been teaching pole privately and commercially for over 10 years now, she is the director and owner of her own studio. Sarah is passionate about moving the pole industry in New Zealand forward to bigger and better things, building a community where everyone is encouraged to have their say.

She is incredibly excited about where the federation can take the New Zealand pole community, with a new approach to competing, training for a competition has never been so clear cut, she hopes this encourages a larger group of pole athletes to make it outside of New Zealand onto the international stages and make our mark on the pole world.