New Zealand Pole Sports Federation



Ranging from club to individual memberships, the NZPSF will be offering a variety of membership accounts to suit everyone’s individual needs, but currently at the early stages of founding the NZPSF we will only be offering the standard 'pole enthusiast' membership account, in a few months when things are further underway we will be updating the membership account options. 

There are many benefits to being a member with us, including discounts on tickets for the New Zealand Pole Sports Federation Championships as well as advice and support in key areas such as competitions, anti-doping and insurances. As a member of the New Zealand Pole Sports Federation you are also eligible to vote on certain issues and play a significant part in shaping the Federation for the future of Pole.  

Once more membership options open up, as an instructor, athlete and coach we will support your development and provide support for national and international competitions. Your membership fee is annual.  

Membership is renewed annually. One month before your renewal date you will be asked if you wish to renew your membership, and sent details of how to do so. You may cancel at any time. Follow the link to apply for a membership.

- Pole Enthusiast - $15 annually 

A Pole Enthusiast membership is for someone who wishes to have a personal membership to receive the benefits available as a supporter of pole whether you pole or not.    

Benefits -

·     Voting rights on several committee issues  

·     Welcome pack 

·     Quarterly members newsletter 


- Pole Athlete - $30 annually 

This membership is for athletes who wish to register with the NZPSF to show they support pole sport and adhere to sporting expectations laid down by the IPSF. This includes signing up to the WADA code and anti-doping regulations which can be legally enforced. As athletes you will be supported in many ways; we will ensure that standards and conditions in competitions are raised to the highest levels, we will continue to promote a fair and equal scoring and judging system that is consistent around the world and we will keep pushing forward to have your achievements recognised in world games and championships.

Benefits – the same as enthusiast plus:

·     Support with anti-doping expectations

·     Discounts for goods in affiliated pole businesses

·     Listing on the NZPSF website

·     Entry on the world ranking status

Criteria required for an athlete’s membership

·     Completed membership form

·   $30 membership fee

·     Electronic photograph – head shot

·     Biography of pole sporting history 

- Industry Related Business - $70 annually 

This membership is for businesses that wish to have certain benefits available to them and to be promoted to our other members by offering a discount to them when they make purchases.


·      Discount on NZPSF tickets

·      Discount on tickets for the World Championships

·      Voting rights on several committee issues throughout the year

·      Welcome letter

·      Quarterly members newsletter

·      Recognition by the NZPSF on the website

·      Discount on trade stands and tickets at regional and national competitions

·      First offers on all sponsorship opportunities

Criteria required for an industry related membership

·      Completed membership form

·      $70 membership fee

·      Overview of your business activities